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Chapter 1297 – Another Invitation smile heavy
The only real great news was an Sheng with an Tianzuo possessed finally went back. Zhou Wen couldn’t live in Overseer Manor for good.
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“Let me think it over yet again. There is something I haven’t figured out nevertheless. I have to be fully prepared,” Zhou Wen reported after some believed.
“Zhou Wen, is there a technique to reach the Glowing Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s concept was very direct.
Zhou Wen acquired Excellent Skyfiend’s quickness and wasn’t slower than her. He also got spatial ability, but he didn’t have temporal ability. Except when he could find a temporal professional like Cave Period to enhance his temporal skills, he would be unable to reach the Gold Palace until the 7th shot.
“You can’t declare that. With so many preceding instances, the League of Guardians can develop a related approach. It doesn’t imply that their strength is obviously much stronger as opposed to Holy Mindset a.s.sociation’s. It is exactly that individuals and skills they prefer are simply ideal.”
“As prolonged as possible jump on the ratings, there is no reason to bother about other things,” Hui Haifeng reported. “When would you go? Any arrangements required?”
Eventually, Zhou Wen select the To the west District’s Dossier Tropical island in order to reach Lord Fourth. The island was not far from the mainland and was on the list of handful of small islands operated via the Federation.
Zhou Wen didn’t convey to him the location beforehand. He only advised him where and when to look before informing him the precise place once they fulfilled.
Information notification sounded. Zhou Wen thought possible that it was Liu Yun, but to his big surprise, it was from Hui Haifeng.
“Has it been paid out?” Zhou Wen noticed that An Sheng didn’t seem content.
“To ordinary individuals, it is indeed a whole lot. On the other hand, for the accelerator, the materials enhanced from thousands of crystals are merely enough for fifty percent a go.”
“That’s real, yet are ultimately too formidable.”
Zhou Wen fully understood what Hui Haifeng suggested. After that occured, numerous persons would die through the several factions competing for supremacy. Those suffering by far the most were common people today.
Zhou Wen possessed already attempted many times in-online game. It was hard to attain the Fantastic Palace by depending solely on speed.
Zhou Wen didn’t tell him the positioning upfront. He only instructed him when and where to be before telling him the exact spot after they achieved.
“Has it been resolved?” Zhou Wen noticed that An Sheng didn’t seem content.
He was somewhat distinctive from what Zhou Wen acquired imagined. The label ‘Lord Fourth’ sounded as an elder, although the guy Zhou Wen found was actually a middle-aged man. He looked processed, so that it is impossible to a.s.sociate him while using term “lord.”
“I is only able to think of a way of getting over the search positions, however i can’t promise the results are going to be great.” Zhou Wen didn’t want such a circumstance to happen.
Zhou Wen understood that the issue wasn’t straightforward. Certain requirements of Lord 4th weren’t high—he just required to get on the ratings. That wasn’t complicated.
“Do you may have any Fortune Friend Beasts?” Zhou Wen inquired.
Zhou Wen acquired already used oftentimes in-online game. It was difficult to attain the Golden Palace by depending solely on quickness.
After the League of Guardians, nothing else creatures entered the search rankings.
“Alright. Produce a listing of whatever you will need.” Hui Haifeng didn’t deficiency income. He managed the Mythical Serum small business, as well as Hui household was now one of many wealthiest people.
Zhou Wen recognized until this subject wasn’t effortless. The requirements of Lord 4th weren’t high—he just found it necessary to jump on the ranks. That wasn’t complicated.
“Do you have any Luck Friend Beasts?” Zhou Wen requested.
Regrettably, there was no reward for getting to the Great Palace in-online game, nor could he wide open the threshold. Zhou Wen wasn’t fascinated in such a strategy. He still experienced to consider a method to break the 7th bullet and get rid of the undetectable Calamity-quality being.
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Zhou Wen was alarmed as he listened to that. Previously, he only recognized which the accelerator need to have expended a lot of vigor. In any other case, it would be extremely hard for it to be that highly effective. Nonetheless, he never expected so that it is so costly. Hundreds and hundreds of Basis Crystals could simply be utilized for fifty percent an attempt. Whenever they would blaze two or three photos, the An friends and family would definitely go bankrupt.
“Zhou Wen, what is the strategy to attain the Glowing Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s message was very strong.
Lord Fourth arranged commonly. Zhou Wen made the decision the moment and place.
Really the only fantastic news was that this Sheng as well as an Tianzuo acquired at last given back. Zhou Wen couldn’t remain in Overseer Manor forever.
“Zhou Wen, what is the method to achieve the Fantastic Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s communication was very straight.
Zhou Wen acquired already tried out oftentimes in-match. It was not easy to arrive at the Golden Palace by relying solely on performance.
“To everyday folks, it’s indeed a lot. Even so, on the accelerator, the types of materials highly refined from hundreds and hundreds of crystals are just enough for 50 % an attempt.”
Hui Haifeng sighed and reported, “Humans are pests that they like to fight. They will vie for all the things. Along with the Federation like a method, they will still manage in a number of facets. If this type of fig leaf has disappeared some day and many types of ends fall out to vie for the right to rule, who you think will suffer by far the most?”
Hui Haifeng didn’t give any announcements for the upcoming 2 to 3 days and nights. It absolutely was probably mainly because it was actually difficult to get Fortune Partner Beasts. Whether or not other individuals had 1, they might hatch out it themselves and seldom sell it off.
“Jing Daoxian?” Zhou Wen was alarmed when he noticed his voice.
“In an easy method. We does obtain an Essence Crystal mine there, although the shops are generally less than predicted. I reckon there are only thousands of cubes,” An Sheng said.

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